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Bake Simulation

Convert physics into regular keyframes with Bake Simulation.


From the Ragdoll menu, select the Bake Simulation from the Animation sub-menu.


Learn more with this tutorial on YouTube.

Bake Duration

On completion of a bake, it'll tell you how long it took.

Not showing up?

The message is an "in-view" message that needs to be enabled for anything to appear. Head into the Maya Preferences, under Interface | Help.

Or run this from your Script Editor.

from maya import cmds
cmds.optionVar(intValue=("inViewMessageEnable", 1))


Bake Options

Find a few more options in the Options dialog. Hover over each item to learn more about it.


Bake Selected Scenes

Sometimes your simulation is split across multiple scenes. Use this option to bake only the selected scenes, leaving the others active.


Last update: 2021-12-15