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Generate an animator-friendly control rig from a rigid chain or tree.


From the Ragdoll menu, select the Mimic option in the Controls sub-menu.



Transition in and out of physics, in both pose-space and world-space, with Mimic.

Options In-Depth

A step-by-step guide on what each option mean, there's quite a few of them!

Production Rig Example

A closer look at the Fire Wolf.

Courtesy of Truong CG Artist

Multiple Mimics

The Mimic is a replica of your control hierarchy, and there's no limit to the number of replicas you can make. The final pose is then the sum of all mimics.


Order Independent

The controls in character rigs typically don't form a linear hierarchy. They may be in some "offset group", or in a different location altogether connected with constraints that are animated for space switching and what not.

Mimics don't mind.


Partial Chain

Sometimes you only want a little bit of control.


Pro tip

You can also delete and reparent the resulting hierarchy of mimics, if all you wanted was for example the first few rigids in a hierarchy.


Added 2021.05.17

The Mimic introduced in 2021.05.10 generated a clean hierarchy of transforms.

In 2021.05.17 "mimik" was introduced, which is a joint hierarchy suitable for skinning and IK. It's got a proper Joint Orient too, irregardless of what the original animation controls looked like.


They're great if IK is what you want, but they do make the overall hierarchy more complex and introduce an additional jointOrient offset onto the joints themselves. For that reason, Transform is the default node type and is currently the most simple mimic to work with.

Room for Improvement

There's still room for improvement, the user attributes remain on the blue control nodes rather than the joints themselves for now. This will be addressed in a future release.

Last update: 2021-12-15