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2021.07.13 - Launch Date

On July 28th 2021, animators around the world will finally get something new. Something that isn't just your average incremental workflow improvement, but an entirely new way to animate.

The Past

30 years ago there was innovation in character animation, much like the innovation we see today - modelers went from box modeling to sculpting, lighting artists nowadays reflect light and simulate the material properties in textures made with simulated wear-and-tear based on natural weather conditions and concept artists generate imagery through machine learning.

But what are animators doing?

That's right! The dopesheet, the graph editor, inverse kinematics, rigs that run at 5 fps. We're still animating like it's 1995!

As a result, every part of the filmmaking process has seen a massively reduced cost, except animation. Animation of today is often the most expensive and time consuming part of the pipeline; and when it isn't it really ought to be because despite accurate models, realistic lighting and pixel perfect textures, motion is what makes a character truly come alive.

The Present

Ragdoll was made to address this need. The need for more believable characters with less effort. The need for animators to spend time where it matters - on telling story. Here is where and how I expect animators spend their time today in 2021.

Story (10%) Performance (10%) Physics (80%)
Message Body language Balance
Delivery Timing Contacts
Continuity Interactions Force
Continuity Momentum

See that 80%? Let's get rid of that.

The Future

Mark your calendars, spread the word. Roughly 2 weeks from now we will embark on a journey together to resume innovating. To ensure that 30 years from now we'll look back at today and not recognise a thing.

Marcus Ottosson
CEO and Founder
Ragdoll Dynamics