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2024.03.07 - Blender


Minor patch release for Blender with common issues patched up and ready to go! :party:


Check out this awesome thread on the forums from user @Manikandan_Rajendran!

We've got a new tutorial, live and available on YouTube!


Quality of Life

Ragdoll will now tell you when exceeding the 100 frame limit during trial, it'll also tell you when it expires which for those of you who started the trial on the 1st of March should happen around the 1st of April. Minor things that solve a lot confusion.

The binaries we shipped are now also "code signed", meaning Windows will be familiar with them and not warn about potential threats. This should have happened before but we've had a bit of an office move in the past week so things have been up in the air!

You'll also find instructions on how to activate your licence on the Download page for Blender.

Next Steps

Download links are in the usual places, right here:

Stay tuned for more, and please report any issues or feature requests on our forums, here:

Enjoy, and see you soon!