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2022.08.09 - SIGGRAPH 2022



Here's what we'll be doing at SIGGRAPH 2022!

Tuesday - 9th August

First day, we'll be ready and waiting at booth 442.

Time # Demo
11:00 Intro with Manikin - I'll walk through the basics of Ragdoll Dynamics, the physics solver for animators working in Autodesk Maya. We'll take a hand-animated Manikin character rig through to completion with physics for secondary motion.
13:00 Dragon Rig Setup - We'll take things to the next level, and turn a production-level Dragon rig into a complete ragdoll, something we can play around with interactively and have almost completely automated via turbulence and wind
14:00 RAGDOLL FOR FIRST TIMERS by Vanessa Rossi - I recently tried out Ragdoll as an animator at DNEG, and wanted to share my experience on the basics of it from an user perspective.
1. Ragdoll set up using manikin
2. Throwing a ball at Manikin with a walk or run cycle mocap - I'll play around with values of the ball in the channel box, in order to show some of the many different results we can get (and say how you can quickly get a few blocking pass options in minutes)
3. Falling from a ladder - I'll do a simple constraint set up, and watch Manikin fall from the ladder with variations depending on when the constraint is released.
15:00 Requests - During each demo, we welcome any requests or questions at which point this is where we'll demonstrate their answer. Come join and make requests in real-time! 😊
16:00 Live Mode - Next generation of rigging and animation, come visit us at 16:00 for the reveal! 😊
18:30 End - The conference is done for the day, see you tomorrow!

Wednesday - 10th August

It's been a whirlwind of a day, and here's the next whirlwind!

Time # Demo
10:00 Hands and Fingers - We'll setup hands and fingers to see how much we can get out of contacts with itself and the environment.
11:00 Self-Walking Manikin - Wouldn't it be nice if your character could walk on its own? Or balance on its own, as the environment moves around? That's what we'll attempt in this demo!
14:00 DNEG - Rafael Cardenas Rivera and Vanessa Rossi is joining us at this time to take you through a fun demo!
15:00 Requests - We'll demo any requests having come in from you, the audience, during this block of time. Feel free to drop by and make requests "on-air"!
16:00 Technology Preview - Have a look at what life will be like in Unreal Engine from now on.
18:00 End - The conference is done for the day, one day left, see you tomorrow!!

Thursday - 11th August

Final day! Come join and make requests in real-time. 😄

Time # Demo
10:00 Locomotion - We'll share some technical details behind how Locomotion - the automatic walk, run and jump solver - works under the hood, and demonstrate how to use it on a Boston Dynamics-like character.
11:00 DNEG - Rafael Cardenas Rivera and Vanessa Rossi is joining us at this time to take you through a fun demo!
13:00 Requests - An improvised session, showcasing some of the best of what we've seen so far and taking requests from you in the audience in real-time. Any last requests? Come join at this time!
16:00 End - SIGGRAPH is done and dusted, hope you had fun! 🥳


We're heading to SIGGRAPH this year! 🥳

To everyone who visits, there will be:

  1. SWAG, obviously
  2. Free licences
  3. Various demos by us and a special guest (!)
  4. Ragdoll-branded sweets 😊


We'll be there from 9th to 11th August at:

Vancouver Convention Centre 1055 Canada Place Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Booth 442, here's us!



Reach out to us if you'd like to arrange a meet and greet, we'd love to meet you. 😄

See you there!