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Cloth Emulation

Cloth Emulation

In this tutorial, we'll use many interconnected Markers to emulate cloth.

Version 1.0 - Up to date

Written for Ragdoll 2022.03.14 and above.

Estimated Time

  • 🕐 20 minutes

You will need

  • ✔️ Nothing, assets are provided

You will learn

  • ✔️ How to create a grid of connected Markers
  • ✔️ How to tune this grid to look like cloth

Where to find help

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See here for part 1 of 1 this tutorial.

Next Steps

This has been a tutorial on how to emulate - not simulate - cloth. Because Ragdoll currently does not understand deformations. It only understands hard objects.

So, how else can you make hard objects appear like cloth? Share your experiences with the community!