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Self Walking

Walking Rhino

In this tutorial, we'll make a self-walking character using our Rhino asset.

Version 1.0 - Up to date

Written for Ragdoll 2022.03.14 and above.

Estimated Time

  • 🕐 5 minutes

You will need

You will learn

  • ✔️ How to pin just the rotation of a marker
  • ✔️ How to get your character walking on its own

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See here for part 1 of 1 this tutorial.


  • 00:00 Import and Setup
  • 00:25 Pinning the Chest
  • 00:40 Different Pin Values
  • 01:25 Animating a Basic Walk Cycle
  • 02:10 Final tweaks
  • 02:40 Record and Render

Next Steps

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