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Combine, or "merge" multiple solvers together, to simulate them as one.


Reference two characters, link their solvers.


Until now, you've been able to author physics using Active Chain and combine scenes using the Combine Scene menu item. That would transfer all connected rigids from one scene to another.

But, that feature is destructive. There's no way to "uncombine" and even if you could, there's no record of what was originally combined.

Let me introduce Solver Linking, a lightweight and non-destructive alternative.


This fellow is referenced twice, and get their solvers linked together.


Unlinking restores their previous behavior exactly.

That's neat, but can you..

I know exactly what you're thinking, I was thinking the same thing.

Can you link a solver to another solver that is also linked? So that I can build a network of simple solvers that all work together to form one complex solver?

Yes. Yes, you can. 🤭 See below.


Here are 2 assets, a manikin and a backpack.

Manikin Backback
image image

The backback and manikin has been combined into one, which is then referenced twice into the final scene for a total of 4 unique solvers.

Non-destructively link solvers

Notice the hierarchy of solvers formed here, enabling you to build complex solvers out of many small solvers.

Non-destructively unlinking too

Likewise, safely deconstruct a network of solvers by just removing the connection.

Technically, a solver is added to another solver in the same manner a marker, group and constraint is added. One big happy family.


Last update: 2022-04-04