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Highlight for this release is.. lots of releases!


And we're back! This release is going to be a little different. Over the past few months, we've expanded upon Ragdoll's reach. It used to be written as a Maya-only plug-in, but is now written as a software development toolkit, an SDK, and re-integrated into Maya. This means that we can reuse the Ragdoll "core" in other software, such as Blender. It also means we can use it without Maya, and without Blender. As its own independent application! It also means developers out there can incorporate Ragdoll into their own software, as a dedicated ragdoll-simulation solution.

To summarise, "Ragdoll" is now:

Product Description
Ragdoll Maya Autodesk Maya integration, the one you know!
Ragdoll Blender New integration for Blender
Ragdoll Standalone Ragdoll without strings
Ragdoll Web Ragdoll in your browser and on your phone
Ragdoll SDK Software Development Kit (SDK)

So, lots of new potential!


We'll be releasing each new product separately, so to kick things off starting with the new Maya release which boasts a lot of new fixes and improvements.

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The next release will be Ragdoll for Blender, follow us on LinkedIn for live updates.