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Highlight for this release is new documentation!


Put together this example of animating a Pinocchio-like character recently, which is trending on LinkedIn. :D



The Ragdoll page on LinkedIn is getting some more attention since launch - keep refreshing that page if you'd like to stay up to date with the latest and greatest, including new version releases and cool simulations to inspire and delight.

3,000% haha, let's see if we can keep that up!

Items from the Ragdoll menu are getting some spotlight in the new Documentation section in the learning material!

In it, you'll find basic tutorials, basic information and tips and tricks on how to use each item, such as the Active Rigid. Along with supplementary information such as Debugging Tips and details about the Cycle Protection.

👈 See new navigation to the left

Non-Commercial Telemetry

Opt-in telemetry was added to Ragdoll a few releases ago via the environment variable RAGDOLL_TELEMETRY. This behavior is now default for Trial and Personal licences of Ragdoll, and remains opt-in for Complete and Unlimited licences.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were harmed in the making of this release.

Add to Referenced Scene

A minor but critical bug was discovered whereby you couldn't add a new rigid body to a referenced Ragdoll scene. It had to do with Ragdoll needing to know which scenes are present whenever a new rigid is made, something it keeps track of by listening to an event for "Maya Open Scene". But this wasn't triggered for "Reference Scene" which led to some confusion.

This has now been fixed!

Maya 2022.1

Finally that service pack was released for Maya, addressing a critical but which led many users to experience fatal crashes when attempting to delete rigids from their scene.

This has now been fixed (by Autodesk!).

Import Physics in Maya 2022

A Python 3-related error was discovered in Maya 2022, meaning you couldn't use the UI to browse for Ragdoll files. :(

This has now been fixed!