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Minor release with some fixed for you, especially Floating Licence users.

Snap to Simulation

In addition to recording your simulation, you can also snap your rig to wherever the simulation is currently at.

However this only applied to things that aren't yet keyframed. Useful to layout and setting of an initial pose for your character.

With this release, it will also keyframe your rig, such that you can use it to interactively animate a character on specific frames, as you simulate. You know what, it's easier to just show you. 😄

Commercial Floating Licence

A glitch was found that turned Floating Licences into non-commercial licences, imposing the recording and exporting limits of 100 frames and 10 markers.

This has now been fixed.

Limits and Export

The new Import functionality introduced in the last version neglected to include limits, this has now been fixed!

Z-up is Inconsistent

One user experienced having their gravity turned sideways, thinking Maya was configured with Z-up when really it was Y-up. It still unclear exactly why this happened, but the one potential edgecase has now been strengthened. If you experience gravity facing the wrong way, or the ground plane being orthogonal to your viewport grid, let us know!

Scaled Limits

When your rig or controls are scaled, the Manipulator wasn't able to accurately provide you with the limit handles. This has now been fixed.

Manipulator and Viewport Shadows

It used to be the case that the manipulator became invisible whenever viewport shadows was enabled. This has now been fixed!

Last update: 2022-04-04