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Ragdoll requires a licence per seat in order to run.

Activation requires a Product Key which you get by either purchasing a licence or by being really awesome.


Let's dive into specifics.

How does it work?

On first launch, Ragdoll will try and connect to the Ragdoll Licence Server and register your trial version. This version is node-locked to the particular machine you are on.

Once you've acquired a product key, you can either:

  1. Click the Ragdoll menu item (bottom)
  2. Enter your product key
  3. Click Activate

Or if you prefer:

from ragdoll import licence

If internet is unavailable, Ragdoll enters "offline mode" and expires at a fixed date. Each new release is given an updated expiry date.

What happens when my trial expires?

Any rdScene.enabled attribute will be set to False.

Scenes will still load just fine and nothing else in your scene is affected. Once activated, the .enabled attribute will return to normal.

Can I renew my trial licence?


Reach out to us if this is relevant to you. We're contemplating a permanently active "Personal Learning Edition" with limitations on what you can do commercially, similar to SideFX Houdini.

Can I use my licence on more than one machine?


You can activate and use each Ragdoll licence on up to 3 machines. You just can't run a simulation on more than 1 at a time, that could lead to suspension of the licence.

Can I move a licence between two machines?


If you've activated 3 licences, you can hit the Deactivate button (which is same as the Activate button once you've activated) and the activation will be released.

Do I need an internet connection to use Ragdoll?


Activation can happen either offline or online, online happening from within Maya at the click of a button and offline being a 4-step process, see below.

What if someone steals my licence key?

That key is all that is required to run Ragdoll on any machine. If someone takes your key and activates 3 of their own machines, you won't be able to activate it yourself. If this happens, email us with proof of ownership (e.g. via the email used when purchasing) and you'll get a new one.

Can I have a floating licence?

Yep, get in touch with

Later on, these will be as trivial as node-locked licences. All we need is you.

Can I activate offline?

Not yet.

As soon as someone needs it, I'll add it. Get in touch with

Offline will be a 4-step process.

  1. Running e.g. activation_request_to_file() from you local machine
  2. Emailing generated file
  3. Receiving a licence file back
  4. Running e.g. activate_from_file(fname) on the same local machine.

Floating offline is also be possible, again get in touch.

When exactly is internet required?

A connection is made in one of two separate occasions.

  1. Calling ragdoll.licence.install()
  2. On simulating any frame

install() is typically called on Maya startup when the plug-in is loaded and menu is installed. You can disable this.

That is, Maya can open a scene with Ragdoll in it without making a connection to the internet if neither of these things happen. This means you can simulate on one machine, bake or otherwise disable the solver and send it off to a farm (e.g. local or cloud) without worrying about licences.

The alternative would be having to erase any trace of Ragdoll from a scene which would be such a pain.

Can I manage my licence via Python?

Sure can, see below.

Licence API

As a user, you'll generally use the UI. But the UI is ultimately making calls to Python (which is making calls to C++) and you can bypass the UI using these same calls.

from ragdoll import licence

# Called once before calling any other licencing function
# This is automatically called on Ragdoll Python initialisation
# and simulation start, but needs calling manually if simulation
# hasn't yet started.

# Retrieve the currently activated product key

# Activate using your product ket

# Deactivate whatever key is currently activated

# Dictionary of useful information
data =

    # Same as current_key
    "key": "Your-Key",

    # Is the current licence activated?
    "isActivated": True,

    # Is the current licence a trial licence?
    "isTrial": False,

    # Has the licence not been tampered with?
    "isGenuine": True,

    # Has the licence been verified with the server
    # (requires a connection to the internet)?
    "isVerified": True,

    # How many days until this trial expires?
    "trialDays": 23

Last update: 2021-03-03