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Highlight for this release is Local Space Simulation!

Sunny Side Up

Just a wolf, for breakfast.


Waterproof Fire Fox

If you squint, it almost looks like he's underwater!


Collision Volumes

The automatically-generated colliders you get when turning animation NURBS controls dynamic.


Ragdog Tutorial

That's no typo, this is a Ragdoll-dog! :D Learn about how to achieve the above simulation in this 2-part series on using Dynamic Control.



Big Fish

Spotted an animation on LinkedIn the other day by Radovan Zivkovic, and wanted to see whether it would work with Ragdoll. Here's about 15 minutes of work from launch of Maya to final playblast.


Local Space Simulation

TLDR; This will keep simulation of children intact whilst manipulating parents.

Up until this release, simulation has taken place in worldspace. The last few releases has tried translating worldspace into localspace to try and mimic that familiar feeling of moving the parent and having children follow.

This release moves simulation altogether into local space which means a seamless integration with he parent/child hierarchy that your animation controls are normally in!


Pay special attention to how you can edit the master control mid-way through a simulation, but then have that change completely ignored as you return to frame 1.



Now, with simulation resting in the local space, it behaves as you would expect.


Rotate Order Warning

A while back, support was implemented for a custom rotateOrder, such as ZYX or YXZ. As it turns out, this support was rather incomplete. Solving for a custom rotate order is much more involved than I'd hoped it would be, so for the time being you are advised not to use them.

If you do, you may run into issues such as this.


Animated Rigid Attributes

The previous release broke your ability to animate anything on a rigid, e.g. rdRigid.linearDamping. That's been all patched up!

Pre-Start Frame

A bug in a prior version caused frames ahead of the start frame to not reset correctly, unless you explicitly visited the start frame. E.g. skipping from frame 100 directly to 1 rather than from 2 to 1 wouldn't look right. Coupled with the next auto-initial-state feature, this could break a pose. This has now been patched up!


Explosion on Initial State

Ragdoll could mistakenly treat a broken simulated first frame as the new and correct initial state. Detecting that stuff is hard! Now it's doing a better job, but keep an eye out for when your start pose breaks, that should never happen.

Also don't forget that this fancy new shiny feature can be disabled under Ragdoll -> System -> Ragdoll Preferences.


The enemy of any animation, shear is scale's ugly brother. Ragdoll now accounts for shear, even though you are strongly advised never to introduce it willingly.


Last update: 2022-04-04