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Menu Reference

All items found in the Ragdoll menu at the top of Maya's main window.

Add menu items to your shelf with Ctrl + Shift + Click


Item Description
Clear Warnings Clear warnings and errors in the Message Board, see option box for details
Export Physics Save physics to disk.
Import Physics Load physics from disk.
Load Physics Generate new Maya scene from .rag file
Update Physics Update changed physics parameters and add new Markers to existing Maya scene
Bake Mesh Store geometry inside of the Marker, disconnecting it from its source mesh.
Convert to Mesh Convert the Marker geometry into a Maya mesh.
Edit Constraint Pivots Edit the parent and child pivots using native Maya transforms
Reset Constraint Frames Reset constraint frames to their defaults
Delete Physics Clear the Maya scene of anything related to Ragdoll.
Ragdoll Explorer Explore the internals of the solver.
Ragdoll Rendering Edit rendering settings of Ragdoll, shadows and motion blur.
Ragdoll Preferences Edit global Ragdoll preferences, like the scale at which Ragdoll draws things.
Save Preferences Save Ragdoll preferences to disk.
Reset Preferences Restore Ragdoll preferences to their default values.
Ragdoll View your version, and eventually look for updates and tutorials. Not yet though.
Assign Assign marker to this node
Assign and Connect Assign marker to this group of nodes
Assign Environment Assign environment to this polygonal mesh.
Assign Plan Assign a plan to selected body and feet.
Align Plans Align the end of plan A with the beginning of plan B
Reset Plan Reset the entire plan
Reset Step Sequence Reset the step sequence for a plan
Reset Targets Reset the targets of a plan
Reset Starting Position Snap first target to animation
Reset Nominal Matrix Reset the reference position of the selected foot or feet.
Assign Terrain Assign a terrain to selected plan.
Assign Refinement Plan Assign a refinement plan to selected body and feet.
Assign Collision Group Assign a collision group to selected Markers.
Add to Collision Group Add selected Markers to selected collision.
Remove from Collision Group Remove selected Markers from selected collision group.
Plan to Animation Convert plan into animation
Animation to Plan Convert animation into targets for a plan
Add Target Add another target to selected plan.
Update Plan Recompute locomotion for all or selected plans.
Extract Plan Extract keyframes from plan.
Delete Locomotion Delete all locomotion from the Maya scene.
Group Group the selected markers
Ungroup Ungroup the selected markers
Move to Group Move selected markers to group
Merge Solvers Merge two or more solvers into one.
Extract Markers Extract markers into new solver.
Move to Solver Move markers into existing solver.
Assign Constraint Constrain the two selected markers
Distance Constraint Constrain the distance between two markers
Weld Constraint Constrain the position and orientation between two markers
Pin Constraint Softly constrain the position and orientation of a marker in worldspace
Attach Constraint Softly constrain the position and orientation of a marker relative another marker.
Mimic Constraint Generate a hierarchy of local soft pins
Reset T Key Restore T as the hotkey to enter into the Manipulator
Record Simulation Transfer simulation into animation
Snap to Simulation Snap animation to simulation
Manipulator Interactively edit the contents of a solver
Auto Limit Automatically transfer locked rotate channels into Ragdoll limits
Extract Simulation Extract simulation from markers
Retarget Marker Change where to record the selected marker
Reassign Marker Change the input to the selected marker
Reparent Marker Change the parent of the selected marker
Unparent Marker Remove the parent from the selected marker
Untarget Marker Remove all output from the selected marker
Reset Origin Reset transforms used for pose-space symmetry.
Reset Shape Reset shape settings based on new conditions.
Reset Constraint Frames Reset constraint frames to their defaults
Edit Constraint Frames Edit constraint frames manually
Toggle Channel Box Attributes Expose (or unexpose) more attributes for your Markers
Replace Mesh Replace input of the 'Mesh' shape type with another polygonal or NURBS mesh.
Disconnect Mesh Disconnect any mesh from this Marker
Parent Marker Select the parent of this marker
Child Markers Select the children of this marker
Markers Select all markers in the scene.
Groups Select all groups in the scene.
Group Members Select members of selected groups
Solvers Select all solvers in the scene.
Markers from Assigned Select all Markers assigned to the current selection
Assigned from Markers Select assigned nodes from currently selected Markers
Create Lollipop Create a new lollipop for the selected marker.
Cache Solver Cache the entire simulation of a solver
Uncache Solver Remove the cache for a solver
Snap to Sim Snap marked controls to simulation.
Link Solver Simulate two or more solvers as one.
Unlink Solver Simulate previously linked solvers separately.
Air Create a field emulating air.
Drag Create a field that prevents anything from moving.
Gravity Create another source of gravity.
Newton Create a field pushing or pulling Markers towards a point.
Radial Create a field pushing from a point.
Turbulence Introduce turbulence into the simulation.
Uniform Create a field pushing Markers along an axis.
Vortex Create a field pushing markers in a circle.
Volume Axis Create a field affecting Markers within a volume.
Volume Curve Create a field affecting Markers along a curve.
Use Selected as Source Emit forces the using selected Marker.
Disconnect Source Stop using a marker as source of the selected field.
Center of Mass Centroid Apply forces to the exact center of mass.
Volumetric Centroid Apply forces throughout the volume of a Marker.
Warp Time Animate the progression of time
Restore Time