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Establish a relationship between two markers.


You can constrain one marker to another!

Constraint Type Description
Weld Constraint Simplest of constraints, welds two markers together; no change to their distance or relative orientation is allowed. This is akin to the Maya Parent Constraint
Distance Constraint Maintain a minimum, maximum or total distance between two markers.
Pin Constraint Match a position and orientation in worldspace, similar to Drive Space = World.


Maintain the position and orientation of one marker relative another from the first frame onwards.


A simple but versatile constraint with animatable distance.

Maintain Start Distance

Whatever the distance between two markers, it will be maintained throughout a simulation.

Minimum Distance

Alternatively, only respond to when two controls get too close.

Maximum Distance

Conversely, keep markers from getting too far away from each other.

Custom Distance

Or go all-in, with both a minimum and maximum distance, for the most complex behavior.


Control at which point on a control to measure the distance.

Animated Distance

Both min and max distance, along with stiffness and damping, can be animated for some pretty rad effects.

Hard Distance

A Stiffness = -1 means the constraint is "hard". It will not accept any slack or "springiness".

In this example, the distance is animated whilst soft, and transitioned into a hard constraint. Notice how it snaps into place once hard.


A limitation of a hard constraint is that the distance cannot be animated whilst hard. You can however animate it between values of -1 and above, to transition to and from hard to soft.


Pin the translation and/or rotation of a Marker in worldspace.

Last update: 2022-04-04