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Ragdoll is a real-time physics solver for Maya, similar the native nCloth and nHair solvers except it works on transforms rather than points. That makes it better equipt to integrate with your existing animation controls and doesn't require translating from points like people did in the 90's.

This domain contains Ragdoll learning resources, for a more general overview see the Product Page.

Where to Find Help?

Depending on where you are and what you are looking for, one of these should fit the bill.

Source Description
Chat Come join the party on Discord!
Release Notes Every new release comes with examples of every new feature and squashed bug.
Search Top-right on this website there's a field to search for any word or phrase on this domain, including node attribute reference.
UI Help Find help without leaving Maya
YouTube Videos Long-form walkthroughs and examples.
Tutorials (Coming soon) Long-form, written tutorials are about to appear on this website, watch this space.
Examples Download and play around with some example scenes.
Reference The Reference page lists all menu items, item options and node attributes of Ragdoll along with descriptions and examples.
Node Reference Every node is detailed in the "Nodes" section to the right, such as rdRigid.
Community Inspire and be inspired via the Ragdoll forums
Support Get us involved and let's make some waves

What's Next?

Here are some options for getting into Ragdoll.

Route Description
Install & Explore Tried and true, who reads documentation anyway?
Watch Me I've made a number of videos demonstrating how to use Ragdoll.
Read All About It Keep clicking that next button at the bottom of every page.

Last update: 2021-07-27