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2024.04.09 - Blender


Minor patch release for Blender with common issues patched up and ready to go! 🥳


Let's start with some goodies!

New Tutorials

The above goodies are part of the new tutorials since last release!

Smooth Shading

You'll now find a more pleasant looking geometry for convex meshes. 😊


Merge Solvers

You can now append one character into scene with an existing solver, and either continue to simulate each independently or merge their solvers to have them interact.

See Maya release notes for the same feature for more details.

Export Physics

You can now export your Ragdoll character and load it back in.

This can be helpful to debug complex characters, but it can also be used for inter-application export and load, like this one to Maya.

The file format will be compatible with the Standalone and Web versions of Ragdoll too, anything you export will work everywhere!

Record Quaternions

Ragdoll will now respect the choice of rotation interpolation, rather than setting them to Euler/XYZ upon recording.


As always, you can find the latest download on the Downloads page.


This update involves both Ragdoll for Blender and Ragdoll Core, so be sure to get both up to 2024.04.09 for this to work.