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Download Ragdoll Core

If you agree with the Ragdoll Dynamics EULA, you may select a platform below.

Ragdoll 2024.05.23 awaits.
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Version Notes
2024.05.23 Fix for integrated Intel and AMD GPUs

Install on Windows

To install Ragdoll Core, double-click the RagdollCore.msi you downloaded from above, and click through the dialogs.


Install on Linux

Ragdoll core installation on Linux is basically two steps:

  1. Download the RagdollCore*.zip above
  2. Unpack it in your home directory, i.e. /home/user-name, replacing user-name with your username

For example, to install current latest core:

cd ~/

If you prefer to place core libraries in elsewhere, environment variable RAGDOLL_CORE_PATH can be used.

For example:

export RAGDOLL_CORE_PATH=/home/user-name/ragdolldynamics/core/2024.03.07/lib