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The forum is a goldmine of learning material, have a look here next!

Then have a look at the videos and examples by following along with each released version of Ragdoll!

Heads up

The below were recorded just before Markers were finalised, but are still applicable to 2021.12.12 and above.

Tutorial Duration Description
Markers 101 01:23 What are markers?
Markers 101 - Key Concepts 03:23 Overview of Input Type and Pose Space
Markers 101 - Local and World 03:00 Overview of the two Pose Spaces, local and world
Overlapping Motion I 02:27 The very basics or Capture and Record
Overlapping Motion II 02:21 Animation layers
Full Ragdoll I 04:08 Hierarchy and volume
Full Ragdoll II 04:05 Kinematic and animation
Full Ragdoll III 04:30 Self collisions and recording
IK I 03:00 Capturing the skeleton
IK II 01:59 Retargeting to IK controls
IK III 01:59 Record both Translation and Rotation
Practical Example I 06:53 Fix table and elbow intersection in this dialog performance
Replace Reference Workflow 01:34 An ideal workflow for Ragdoll in a production pipeline with animators.